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News from the Oceania Pollinator Initiative

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Past research meetings

Southern Connection Congress

Dates: 21 - 25th January 2013
Location: University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Southern Connection links scientists interested in the natural sciences across the Southern Hemisphere. To date topics have included biogeography, ecology, conservation, ecophysiology, invasions, ethnography, phylogenetics, phylogeography and Earth and ocean processes. The aim is to learn from shared and divergent biotas and cultures, and their histories in different lands and oceans, in order to contribute solutions to sustaining species and ecosystem services.

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Symposium 23: Pollination systems-Diversity and disturbance in the Southern Lands

Contact: Caroline L. Gross

Pollination services are a key ecosystem function. In this symposium, the variety of pollination services in the lands of the southern hemisphere is explored against that theme of vulnerability and resilience. Disturbances are many and include habitat fragmentation, changing climates, introduced plants and floral visitors – all of which can reduce effective population sizes in some species and create opportunities for others. In the face of these things, pollinator networks are a tool to gauge the irreplaceability of partnerships and they provide rules for the reassembly of species into ecosystems that require repairing. The intricate details of the plant-pollinator relationship are key knowledge requirements for the conservation ecology of natural and managed landscapes and the aim of this symposium is to explain the biology and ecology of pollination systems in the Southern Lands.


Symposium on Pollination at the XXII International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction

Date: 13th February 2012
Location:University of Melbourne

OPI strategy meeting

Oceania Pollinator Initiative Meeting was held on February 13th at the University of Melbourne. 
Attendees:  Caroline Gross, Linda Newstrom-Lloyd, Saul Cunningham, Glenda Wardle, Tony, Laura Vary. 
The group discussed ways of enhancing collaboration through the website.

Symposium presentations: Pollination for Sustainable Ecosystems

Chairs: Caroline Gross and Linda Newstrom-Lloyd

Postgraduate Workshop in Pollination Ecology

Dates: 17-20 October 2010
Location: Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat, northern NSW

A group of Australian pollination ecologists gathered for several days of research presentations, discussions, field trips and demonstration of pollination biology techniques.  A small but enthusiastic  group included: scientists: Caroline Gross (University of New England), Glenda Wardle  (University of Sydney) , Susan Hoebee (University of La Trobe), Ross Goldingay (Southern Cross University, Brisbane)  and students:  Penny Nelson (University of New England ), Steve Chivers (UNE), Tony Popick (U Sydney), Scott Groom, (Flinders Univ, South Australia), .and Emma MacIntosh (University of Sydney).

Eastern Spinebill in Grevillea beadleana

The group

Techniques: video equipment and methods, Susan Hoebee talked about genetic work using microsatellites, good discussion about gene flow,  two fantastic walks on to the top of Mount Hyland, and one to Guy Fawkes National Park where the photo of the Eastern Spinebill was taken in the canopy of a flowering Grevillea beadleana.


Date: 16th-21st August 2009
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Pollination – The Ecology of Ecosystem Services, Pollinator Declines and Monitoring.  Co-chairs Dr Caroline Gross (UNE) &  Dr Linda Newstrom-Lloyd (Landcare Research NZ).

Pacific Science Intercongress

Dates: 2nd-6th March 2009
Location: Tahiti

Pacific Science Intercongress. Papers presented in Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Sustainable development. We held an OPI meeting as a side event at this conference.

Ecological Society of Australia conference

Dates: 1st-5th December 2008
Location: Sydney, Australia

Ecological Society of Australia. Symposium organizers, Drs Glenda Wardle, Yvonne Davila and Simone Simpson, Pollination Interactions. Contact Yvonne Davila [y.davila@usyd.edu.au] and Simone Simpson [ssimposn@une.edu.au] for more information.